Monday, 2 March 2015

Dolla Dolla Bill Y'alllll.

Hi Chloe,
Only you can see this page, so don't show the universe. Thanks.

£300 Rent for Michael (37 Hedley Way) 
£100 Food (again for the house)
£50 Antony Macbook (From Christmas Last Year.. I dunno how much I owe still.)
-£1995 Overdraft that needs to go down to -£1000 by like the end of summer if possible. Saves on Interests.
£20 Interest for my Overdraftish.
£200 Next Account, usually pay £30 a time ish.
£150 New Look Card, i think. I don't actually know my current balance. I pay £4 minimum when I have to, or £20.
£60 JD Williams, usually pay £5-10 a time. 
£20 Loot Crate Subscription..
£55 iPhone 6

all monthly and not weekly..

not including gifts to me, cat food (usually in my shopping anyway)
face wipes and girly shit like sanitary towels and shampoo.


I get paid 260.90 per week.

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