Tuesday, 27 October 2015


1. Keep going.

My new years resolution this year was to teach myself to crochet. Ten months later I've made half of a blanket, yet it's still sat in a corner. I get a whirl of inspiration which lasts a short duration then zilch. Repeat after me .."finish the bloody blanket".

2. Decor

Aka. Walls. Our flat has magnificent bright white walls in every room. White isn't my colour, it's like being at a dentist or somewhere overly hygienic. Unfortunately rented property means don't go crazy, unless it's for canvas, vinyl and photography.

3. Future

My brain is forever thinking "i'm not doing well enough in life" or worrying how I am not pursuing the things i love. You know what? I'm doing bloody well. You cannot predict the future or shape it in every single detail. This year I've accomplished some incredible goals, next year will be even better. 

It's time to stop letting the anxiety win and taking things step by step.
Loose a stone or two? Run 5K? Design some cute kids knitwear?
Whatever is next i'm ready.

4. Travel

This one goes without saying, but has a little deeper meaning.

Lately my life has been a total rollercoaster, without dumb sob stories I've felt like getting away for a few days would be really beneficial. This doesn't necessarily have to be a plane journey, but a visit back to my hometown to visit my northern family would be perfect.
There is something about being back in that little small town with so much nostalgia that reminds me exactly who I am and what to do next.

5. Breathe

Go home, turn on the TV, grab a blanket and that special someone.
Maybe a cat or two.
Snuggle up as close as possible, have a nap.
Enjoy watching something new or even pre-loved.

Relax, you've got time.

6. Dance

Finding old music is like hunting through a vintage book store.

Nostalgia from my youth in the north to early woodland walks every morning.

Last month I rediscovered ZZ Top and it was something i should have done forever ago.

Find new music, create some new memories.
Nobody should ever live in the past, it's already done. 
Sing, even if people can hear you.
Especially if it's a little vampire weekend.

7. Arrange

Okay, so it's my birthday in December.
A big one actually, half a Century. The "big" 25. I'm super excited to be a quarter of the way through. All i'm really dreaming of is some new furniture.
Maybe the gorgeous Ikea dresser and bookcase I've been lusting over since we moved out?
Maybe i'm being over prepared, whatever. I'd really like my heaps of makeup not to have to live on a window ledge anymore. Winter is coming, so is christmas and my birthday so i'll keep this goal in here. Because y'know, being persistent works yes?

Something new.

Things that will eternally make me happy;
. Flowers, fields of colour.
. The Peak District
. Laughter
. The instant chill of dipping your feet into a frozen sea
. I've always been a total sucker for guitar
. Tea
. The scent of old books
. Watching the world pass by sat above the clouds, honestly one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen
. Family
. Spooning
. Being generally ridiculous at festivals
. Vintage shops