Monday, 28 April 2014

Festival Photography

June is creeping nearer and we have tickets to Download Festival, tonight I was discussing with one of my friends Sophie about what camera's to take. Obviously it'd be really dumb lugging around a £600 Canon DSLR so I was thinking taking a Lomography camera or even treating myself to a new model. If you know me, you know how ridiculous my camera collection actually is. My last count was fourteen and that was after selling many that i'd been ignoring. I'm thinking of buying a new fisheye as I sadly said goodbye to mine a year or two ago or going with the new La Sardinia to try something new. Soph is taking her Diana and I own a cable release i'm sure we will have fun with that. Going on the Lomography website made me realise I have heaps of old 35mm prints on my account, here are some of my old experimental favourites. The photos are a mix of Fisheye & Mini Diana, some old expired film and lovely weather. I hope you like them, if you have any ideas or tips for festival photography please comment with your suggestions.

The day of rest

On Sunday we ventured down to Friday st. Farm for a spot of lunch, & I hobbled along. Sarah won a free meal for four from one of their competitions. The decor is beautiful, it has a real homely feel from the wooden deck interior to the framed vintage photo's upon the walls it feels like a converted barn you could happily live in. I'd recommend anyone who lives down south to go and visit. For starters I had Camembert with Rosemary & Garlic ciabatta then a vegetable wellington roast dinner for main and woah, was I stuffed. The food was delicious with every bite came a new flavour, tasting the unique seasoning and beautifully cooked food it was perfect. Luckily, Sarah won a few bottles of wine too so the family had a cheeky drink or two, i can't drink properly with my tablets so I missed out on the old red. It was nice spending some time with Nathan's family and enjoy the English traditional roast. 

Swim, until you can't see land.

Packets full of prescriptions and up to three naps per day is my life at the moment, I've been diagnosed with a kidney infection and kidney stones and it's seemed to put my whole life on hold. The tablets keep making my whole body drowsy, so i'm really sorry if I've been a little quieter than usual. The good news is we have some amazing new things happening on the blog.
I can confirm we are doing a little collaboration with Jennie Maizels a huge artistic inspiration to everything that takes you back to your childhood. Her work is remarkable, I'm so excited to show you all. We are also doing a piece on Violet & Percy, another of my favourite stores. With their graphic design style with taste of minimalism they are by far one of the cutest stores around.
So, who's excited? I'm sure you can tell I am.

Let's empty my iPhone stream, enjoy. This week has been mainly napping and spending time with the cats.