Saturday, 30 July 2016


My name is Rebecca, Beckie for short.
If you are reading this, there is a good chance you know me somehow already. If not, hey lurker! I’ve been expecting you. It’s nice to see a friendly face, new or old!
I’ve been oversharing since the beginning of time, from this old blog domain of “floraldungarees” to a small number of personal social media accounts. Visual content is how I thrive, photography, art and personal growth is something i’m passionate about. Looking at a photo or post from a year or two ago and realising how far you’ve come. Remembering happy memories and things you used to once love. I think somehow being open, sharing your private thoughts with the world wide web is quite special. People grow with you, follow your huge life moments, sharing the fun together.

I stopped blogging properly October/November 2015. My motivation had hit rock bottom and I felt like I wanted to build my walls up, take some private time away. 
Lately i've been reading a friend's blog which inspired me to reopen Floral Dungarees. I realised I've really really missed this space. With that comes the re-opening of an old blog, also the beginning of a new chapter. High five for reading & supporting me already, you’re awesome.