Friday, 28 February 2014

Creativity comes in magical sparks, endless ideas and a thirst for self expression. Personally I have months of crafting textiles illustration and bursts of photographs then a week passes or maybe two and I hit a wall. Tonight we broke through those invisible barriers and began planning and organising some upcoming projects that I want to create for my beautiful new home.

  • Buy a Vintage Typewriter in fully working condition and begin typing a motivational quote each day. Consisting of reckless emotion, futuristic hope and endless advice from generations before me.
  • Thift a 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Girls just wanna have funds.

This month is going to be a long one, waiting seven weeks for any wages will test me. Yet here is some of the items this month that have really caught my eye. I'm usually not a "pink" girl but apparently this month looks a little different.

Bring on Summer, Rock Festivals & fun adventures.

Where The Wild Things Are

5/7 days of the week I am always imagining how to spend my days off and really value having time to myself. Sometimes all you need is just a little escape. Through music, a place you feel safe or a walk to clear your mind. Today i did all of the above to shake things up a little. Awoke at my parents home laughed and giggled with my little sister all morning. She even let me do her makeup today which for Chloe is a big thing, even though the whole way though she pulled faces which resembled "The Scream" photo. After she packed her things and headed off to College i lay in the hot tub in a starfish shape with little jets massaging my back and watching the clouds go by. It was perfect exactly what I needed after this insane week. I had lunch with my mother and headed home but decided to take a different route. I headed over to a lake and field where we used to go when I was a teenager, walked through the woodland mud and finally got home and had to face tidying up. We actually get our broadband installed again in five days. I'm so excited! Remember to pamper yourself, relax and take some time for yourselves. You deserve it.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

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Taking steps is easy, Standing still is hard.

You know what freaks me out? When you log onto your Facebook to do the general nosy and refresh on your lunch hour and realise wow, half of my news feed is pregnant, married or engaged. I mean I think everyone develops and grows at their own pace people want to travel, own a home or maybe just have a child to complete their lives. Not many people achieve all these things at the same rate. Somehow it always makes me think "Oh my god, what am I doing with my life?" apart from paying off my student alcohol and partying debt. I think the worst thing ever is overthinking which is basically my brain just taking in way too much information and being a huge worrier.
I want a home, to have seen the world, have heaps of money and a good salary to buy my future kids absolutely everything because they will deserve it. There is no rush.

Anyway rant over. I'm going to spend my day acting like a moody teenager in pyjamas watching Viva La Bam and getting some idea's for my next big tattoo.

Your handwriting. The way you walk. Which china pattern you choose. It’s all giving you away. Everything you do shows your hand. Everything is a self-portrait. Everything is a diary.

Sunday, 23 February 2014


The last month has been really productive, new home, new career and not so new internet connection. My friendship with my Vodafone iPhone came to an end and unfortunately moving house means we have to wait forever for our broadband. So without technology it's been so strange. The little things like texting your partner to let then know what time you'll be home, saying happy birthday to your momma or even just a cheeky browse online. It's been pay phones and a silent atmosphere this fortnight. 

So glad to be back with a new iPhone from mother dearest and a handy dongle. 
Sorry for the lack of update, I'll be better. Promise. 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

I'll bring you flowers in the pouring rain.

He's a keeper.

Pastel Everything.

Coca Cola bottles painted with dulux pastel shades. I plan to paint all of my furniture mint green. lavender and a dewy blue. It's going to look beautiful.
Pickle loves flowers they are her favourite.

Kittens gone wild.

We knew the cat's would go a little crazy during the move. Either hiding away under the bed until they felt safe and ready to explore or just the usual "meows". I didn't except what actually happened..
The new game in our household is "Spot the cat" here are some recent hiding places. Others have been sat on the fridge, in cabinets, sat in my underwear drawers, bathtub, plastic bags and wherever else. It's like they've had five packets of catnip.

Forever on hold.

The big day finally arrived and we are all snug in our new home. It took two whole days to move and unpack the whole house which I think it's a record for a smooth move. Unfortunately BT don't agree after hours of phone calls and too many tests of my patience we have no internet, signal or 3G until the 4th of March. What do you do when you can't connect to the internet? We have resorted to comfy blankets, a den of pillows and the entire DVD collection of "The Sopranos". 

Next week i'm off to "Beauty School" training for my new career with Benefit Cosmetics. With many hotels booked and long train journeys this whole "no internet" issue might be less stressful as i'd thought. This weekend is already full of plans making homemade tomato and basil soup, travelling to the Farmer's Market with one of my best friends and a routine appointment with the Dr's. 

I'll update soon (i promise.)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Home Sweet Home

Today is a big day for my family, my Nana has finally completed her big move to the Southern Territory. She called me up a few days before telling me how "it feels like a dream" and how happy she is finally to be near her family again. We left Derbyshire around six years ago even though it was a tough step it was one of the best decisions my family ever made. Selling the old house was very surreal, whenever I visit and walk past to me it will always be mine. My sister and I are hopefully planning a trip back up to the north soon to visit our family but I just have to say, with our old home and my grandparents home no longer there it's odd to go back to somewhere that's changed so much but your memories haven't. The "Rebecca & Chloe" will always be engraved into the concrete outside the garden and my childhood memories will always be in those two plots of land.
I hope whoever lives in my Nana's old home next enjoys such special memories of childhood and the incredible bond between families like we all had.

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

I came across this documentary on Netflix by a gentleman called Joe Cross. His inspiring story was how he lost large amounts of weight on a Juicing diet to help his health and weight. I've always attempted to eat healthily, until pizza and cheese got in the way. It usually goes like this: moans about weight, buys heaps of fresh groceries from tesco, within a day or two it all goes out of date, gives up on life.

So when an old colleague works at Abel & Cole explained a little about their ethics and how fresh the produce is I decided to order one of the delicious Juicing Boxes. A few days later my goodies were hand delivered and I couldn't wait to start. I received a free copy of their Veg Box Companion book with some cute introduction recipe cards and books.
I ordered the "Super Juicing Box' which contained Oranges, Apples, Ginger, Carrots, Beets, Lemons & Celery.

Be prepared for heavy amounts of preparation, short use by dates and a little empty feeling in your stomach. If your new to Juicing i'd try a simple Carrot, Ginger and Orange juice to start with, it's great for digestion and you get a huge vitamin c kick. We only have a blender but you can use a fine baking colander to separate the "gunk" to get a finer juice or keep the thick texture to make soups and smoothies with your left over fruits and veg. In all honesty it took about a fortnight to use up all of the produce as I only juiced for three days. It made such a difference being organic and the fruit and veg lasting weeks instead of days.

I'm definitely ordering again!


Every year on the 31st of December you hear the same things, here are some of my favourites..
"I'm going to loose weight this year"
"I'm going to get a new job"
"I'm going to sort my finances"
"I'm going to be a better person"
"New Year, New Start etc etc"

I believe if you want to change your home, diet, relationship, future goals do it today, yesterday will always be too late and today will always become tomorrow. I'm far from perfect I am always overthinking, sometimes you have to just let go and be happy. That was my new years resolution.

January, I..
Learned to Crochet,
Wiggled out of my comfort zone and went for a new Career,
Took a really long walk on the Beach,
Began experimenting with Juicing and Nutrition,
Signed the contracts for our new home,
Finished Girls Season 1,
Handed in my Resignation,
& Set up my Pop Up Vintage Store.