Saturday, 1 February 2014

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

I came across this documentary on Netflix by a gentleman called Joe Cross. His inspiring story was how he lost large amounts of weight on a Juicing diet to help his health and weight. I've always attempted to eat healthily, until pizza and cheese got in the way. It usually goes like this: moans about weight, buys heaps of fresh groceries from tesco, within a day or two it all goes out of date, gives up on life.

So when an old colleague works at Abel & Cole explained a little about their ethics and how fresh the produce is I decided to order one of the delicious Juicing Boxes. A few days later my goodies were hand delivered and I couldn't wait to start. I received a free copy of their Veg Box Companion book with some cute introduction recipe cards and books.
I ordered the "Super Juicing Box' which contained Oranges, Apples, Ginger, Carrots, Beets, Lemons & Celery.

Be prepared for heavy amounts of preparation, short use by dates and a little empty feeling in your stomach. If your new to Juicing i'd try a simple Carrot, Ginger and Orange juice to start with, it's great for digestion and you get a huge vitamin c kick. We only have a blender but you can use a fine baking colander to separate the "gunk" to get a finer juice or keep the thick texture to make soups and smoothies with your left over fruits and veg. In all honesty it took about a fortnight to use up all of the produce as I only juiced for three days. It made such a difference being organic and the fruit and veg lasting weeks instead of days.

I'm definitely ordering again!

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