Saturday, 1 February 2014


Every year on the 31st of December you hear the same things, here are some of my favourites..
"I'm going to loose weight this year"
"I'm going to get a new job"
"I'm going to sort my finances"
"I'm going to be a better person"
"New Year, New Start etc etc"

I believe if you want to change your home, diet, relationship, future goals do it today, yesterday will always be too late and today will always become tomorrow. I'm far from perfect I am always overthinking, sometimes you have to just let go and be happy. That was my new years resolution.

January, I..
Learned to Crochet,
Wiggled out of my comfort zone and went for a new Career,
Took a really long walk on the Beach,
Began experimenting with Juicing and Nutrition,
Signed the contracts for our new home,
Finished Girls Season 1,
Handed in my Resignation,
& Set up my Pop Up Vintage Store.

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