Saturday, 25 October 2014

What is life? I say this constantly but forget the meaning. What is the meaning of life the real purpose of your life on this planet?
Too deep? Well click the little x at the top of your screen. 
That feeling in your stomach of excitement and nerves of a new romance. A woman's hand feeling her stomach and something kicking back. Life choices, career goals, adventure, laughter and companionship. That's it right? Sometimes I don't know which path I'm running down. I get so out of breath thinking and overanalysing my future you forget to remember to live. Everyday routines make change harder and leaving your comfort zone is almost impossible. You work to live and live to work. Break the mould. Who else will?

Right now my ideal future is unrealistic, it has always been. 
At the age of twenty something all I want is the stuff you should want when you are forty. We all need to stop jumping ahead and remember to live. That's why from now to December I am going to write little goals, a virtual bucket list. Ambitions, achivements, dreams. 

# 1 :  building bridges I've broken. 

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King

I wish,
I knew how to love you
Destroying myself in the process;
I wish 
I knew how to give you my heart
Ripping my chest open.

Autumn Leaves

Eating / Vegetarian Lasagna.
Drinking / Classic English Tea.
Practicing / Projecting my energy and concentration into my work.
Mastering / The science of sleep.
Learning / To Love You More.
Trying / To rest, i've recently ripped my shoulder muscle (scientifically a rotator cuff tear/frozen shoulder).
Playing / Vance Joy & Alt J..
Reading / Not that kind of girl, no one belongs here more than you. & as from Tuesday "A world of ice and fire".
Wearing / Navy, chunky knits & boots, literally all of the time.
Cooking / Banana bread!
Working / Heaps.
Traveling / I'm not really travelling anywhere currently, appreciating my home.
Wanting / Love, Health & Inspiration.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Loot Crate Review.

A little package, the size of an ordinary shoebox arrives in the post every month. Imagine the feeling of opening presents at Christmas, every month. You get a lot of these now from Graze to Birchbox but in my eyes, Loot Crate is the one. Anyone who's a total geek at heart will fall in love with the concept. It's beautiful. Use my code to get money off! 

A photo says a thousand words. 

Friday, 17 October 2014

& so i thought i'd let you know, that these things take forever. Especially in slow, but I realise that I need you.


50 hour week, you have defeated me. Some days I can feel my body saying "no, just rest" but my mind always wins the battle. Last night I feel asleep stupidly early and slept through four alarms this morning before realising I was running late. For me, Friday couldn't come quicker. I came home to find presents from the Postman. Excitingly ripping my parcels open I found two beautifully made beanie hats from my friend Claire who owns "It Was A Wolf" they are the cutest things, ever. Also finding heaps of little wolves, a pokemon card and other bits from her store it totally made my day.  Nostalgia of handmade tshirt's, the original "Pretty Pissed Girl" & pokemon jewellery, we really were the cool kids. Also my Loot Crate subscription came today, which if you have ever had any post from LootCrate is like christmas happening every single month. I'll do a separate post about that later but anyhow. IT'S WEEKEND. It's time to kick back, tie my hair up, listen to some La Dispute and enjoy a lush bath bomb from my Christmas stash.

Have a good weekend. & buy cute hats.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Three countries in one day, that was work for me yesterday. Exploring the deep english countryside, lavender fields in france and the mouthwatering chocolate of belguim.  Today was the tip of the iceberg, even though I'm lucky to be able to experience all of these things our old friend "sleep" appears and makes me into a total grump. How do you fix it you ask? Thrift shopping. Within twenty minutes (of my lunch hour may I add..) I found three beautiful dresses, this floral headscarf to wear in my hair and a vintage ring. That's what you can a good spree. I finished my shift, switched off and arrived home to find a beautiful package from Tatty Devine. The exact necklace I have been pondering over for months now. Sometimes, things just work out. This is one of those days.