Friday, 17 October 2014


50 hour week, you have defeated me. Some days I can feel my body saying "no, just rest" but my mind always wins the battle. Last night I feel asleep stupidly early and slept through four alarms this morning before realising I was running late. For me, Friday couldn't come quicker. I came home to find presents from the Postman. Excitingly ripping my parcels open I found two beautifully made beanie hats from my friend Claire who owns "It Was A Wolf" they are the cutest things, ever. Also finding heaps of little wolves, a pokemon card and other bits from her store it totally made my day.  Nostalgia of handmade tshirt's, the original "Pretty Pissed Girl" & pokemon jewellery, we really were the cool kids. Also my Loot Crate subscription came today, which if you have ever had any post from LootCrate is like christmas happening every single month. I'll do a separate post about that later but anyhow. IT'S WEEKEND. It's time to kick back, tie my hair up, listen to some La Dispute and enjoy a lush bath bomb from my Christmas stash.

Have a good weekend. & buy cute hats.

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