Sunday, 27 July 2014


Over the years my hair's changed a million times, fringe, no fringe, layers, blonde, pink, blonde and purple, au natural brown, dip dye'd with pastel shades, pink ends and everything else under the sun. A few years ago I decided i'd go all blonde, which was the worst idea I ever came up with. My hair finally gave up on life and decided to turn to a stringy straw like texture which meant it all had to go. Four years later my hair's actually quite long, in good condition again and i've decided to go with a change. Long luscious locks, you will be mine.

Here's a little glimse of my hair inspo from Pinterest. 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Fringe Nightmare.

Forever regretting cutting my own hair. Hairspray is a thing of the gods, luckily one of my friends thinks it looks like a cute Bettie Paige fringe so that's a good thing.

Celebrity Skin

When you listen to the radio and hear all of this digitally recorded obviously enhanced music repeatedly it really makes me miss listening to real women singing. Obviously you have the greats such as Debbie Harry, yet you forget whilst listening to Rihanna on repeat how over the top their music is. What happened to a badass attitude and a fender guitar? This months Polyvore is inspired by some of my personal idols and favourite artists. Girls screaming to guitar isn't everyone's cup of tea but for me the lights of Kathleen Hanna, Joan Jett & Courtney Love that's singing. Sometimes badly but do these women really give a fuck? No. They do whatever they want, fight the norm and show the world that girls do rock sometimes too. I'm going back to the 90's with this collection. Mary Jane shoes, Kinderwhore dresses and red lipstick. 

If you haven't had the pleasure of Bikini Kill before, enlighten your ears.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

I first heard "The Middle East" a few years ago on the Bleubird wedding video, imagine incredible illustration mixed with the importance of family. If you haven't already I advise you watch it, it'd put any wedding video to shame. Also the original video is incredible, every single painting, drawing and movement is a piece of art.


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Shopping list.

- Bright Washi Tape
- Pastel Paints
- Wood varnish and sanding materials
- A bag of enthusiam
- "Girls" prints
-  & a little sunshine

It's happening. Thanks to Pinterest i've finally decided how to decorate, here are a few of my favourite inspirations below.


Sleeping Beauty was constantly playing in the background throughout the years of my childhood. Before Malefecent I'd swear on my life that I knew every inch of the disney fairy tale until the day I watched Malefecent. The unique twist on our modern classic gripped you and enchanted our heart in ways the disney animation failed to. Jolie's magnificent (and may I add extremely heavy) horns in which she could not move her neck through filming show a glimpse of the time and dedication the directors and actors alike took to bring this magical journey to life. We all know from the Mac range that Malefecent would blow her magic upon the red carpet but truthfully the prosthetic cheekbones, special effects and warmth flowing through the tale made it imprinted upon our minds forever. 
If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

When you don't have children you have to define and make your own purpose, and make your own reason for being here.

- Tracey Emin

Alone Time

Do you know what the best thing about days off are? Waking up naturally. When your body feels ready and you decide to wiggle from under the sheets. My day to day routine from 7.45am I am constantly surrounded by the public. 15 minutes to the bus stop, 1 hour on the bus, 9 hours in a department store, 1 hour on the bus, 15 minutes home. That's one of the little reasons why today was magnificent. My love drove me deep into the English countryside and treated me to a pub lunch at a little place in Chiddingly. The walls were decorated with vintage signs, old photographs and the best bit was the quality as every inch of the cottage was real.  Apparently Nathan's mums first job was in that pub serving in the kitchens and behind the bar. You had the old ladies meeting up for a gossip, housewives with their children and obviously bikers. Looking like something badass from Sons of Anarchy. You can only imagine the history. We enjoyed some delicious chips & garlic bread to share, what a better way than absorbing up the sunshine enjoying naughty carbs on your day off work.

He's being a little nightmare recently trying to run away at every opportunity. Montie the problem child.

I bought some bedding plants to brighten the place up.

Pickle's demon eyes.

Even though she's almost two she's still a tiny ball of fur.

New vans.

Obligatory OOTD photo.

I wish I took more photos inside.