Monday, 26 May 2014

Granny Takes A Dip Review

Imagine the most intense lemon, pepper and ginger scent, now imagine vials of colour being poured into the water similar to a disney villains potion. With hints of pink, orange, green & blue this psychedelic bath bomb will really boost your mood whilst uplifting the day. Since I left they haven't brought much out bath-wise and its been a really treat to have something really quite unique that I  adore as much as twilight, fizz banger and big blue. Hats off to Lush Cosmetics, you out played yourselves. I'll definitely want boxes of this little beauty.

drip drip drop little april showers

It's a bank holiday Monday and I have one day away from work, hallelujah. I'm not going to lie I imagined today to be quite different but i'm making the most of my precious time off. Cleaning, laundry, work out & a little blog post.
Do you ever re read your favourite books from childhood? It's a little comfort thing for me when times are a little rough i'll read something I know will guarantee a little smile to appear. From Esio Trott, Beatrix Potter to the world of Hogwarts these books have a untold truth within of innocence, magic and happiness. What was your favourite childhood book?

Some people are so sad, all they have is money.

Ever feel like you are being bled dry? That your health, personal life of free time doesn't exist? Welcome to retail. I've worked my way up the ladder a long way in the last three years since I quit 'The Body Shop' and took the next step. I was fragile, battling serious depression and had somehow turned off a shit ton of feelings to try and become stronger mentally. Obviously none of that worked and ironically backfired in to a million pieces yet today here I stand. Mentally healthier than I've been in a long time. Nothing's ever perfect or easy but that's life, it's your experiences that make you stronger and extra determined to gain that piece of happiness you know that you deserve. I've found with a lot of companies that they just care about the figures they are producing, the staff, morale, hardwork and time isn't appreciated at all you are just a slave for the money until you die. I wish I was better with finances, didn't want so many pretty things and be so easily influenced around marketing and adverts pacifically aimed at all of us everyday. Recently I have a friend who has been going through a hard time being pushed aside and mentally broken by a corporation that'd love to get rid of her and bring in someone younger. It's sickening to still see ageism happening around us but the truth is, it always will be. There is always someone waiting to jump in your shoes in an instant and that's the worse part. The friend I speak about told me the other day how she felt she could have had extra days with her dying mother, see her children more and even after all of her time within that company none of her loyalty and decisions were ever appreciated. I think sometimes you have to just figure the scale between your own life versus the finances. If i could I'd pack my bags tomorrow leave this country and travel around the globe with just a backpack. SLR camera and a hope to achieve my dream. Unlikely I will ever be able to plan or persue this anytime soon but I just keep going in the hope that one day it'll be true. The purpose of this is to realize, a job is a job. Preferably you'd love to be in a field you are passionate about but money is money, to many of us it's invisible surreal words in which we don't physically see much of. But at the end if the day no amount of money will ever give you back memories of seeing your childrens first steps, saying goodbye to a loved one or just having one/365 days where you can not worry about paying bills and buying stuff you don't need. 

Rant over, sorry to spill this on what I'd usually describe as a positive blog space. Somedays people get me down and you have to unleash the beast within. 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

I’m not excited, but should I be? Is this the fate that half of the world has planned for me?

Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend has been stuck in my head all afternoon, I can't get enough of that song. I've been thinking of ways to be a more optimistic person recently & have began collecting typography for my new "Motivation Wall". Surround yourself with wise words, life lessons and positive thinking. 

Which are your favourite magical quotes?

Let's face it, we all know the best thing about working for a premium cosmetics company is, uh huh the perks. Ti

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Marge Simpson for Mac Cosmetics

Details of the collection haven't actually been announced yet but will mark the show’s 25th anniversary. I have to say I am ridiculously excited about this! "The Simpsons" was a huge part of my childhood & i'm not going to lie, Nathan & I still watch the box sets in bed like big kids. I am anticipating plenty of primary colours and you automatically assume bright yellow foundation yet this might not be the case. I also imagine a vibrant blue eyeshadow but as it's Mac Cosmetics I can't pin it down at all. Even just the yellow Simpsons packaging would be incredible despite the colour scheme's you can guarantee the Ladies of my Generation will flock together and purchase every item. As long as the results are nothing like those of this real model, who was transformed into Marge Simpson by a team of photographers and stylists, it should be a hit. I just hope they actually make enough products for sale as the Malefecent range sold out instantly which was such a shame.

Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.

— Iain Thomas, I Wrote This For You

Wish upon a star.

Current Etsy wishes and wants, although the whole website entices me in. This fall i've been longing for pastels bright shades of colours to brighten up my days.
If you don't believe in magic, you will never find it.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Comforter

Dreaming of pure peace and tranquility? Fancy living with your head in the clouds and forgetting all of your worries? Here's a few steps into climbing down the rabbit hole and exploring the wonderland. In the Bath, of course. Personally, I recommend music such as Laura Marling or Bon Iver to make the experience extra special.

(Please excuse the lighting, my bathroom is quite dark!)

Buy "The Comforter" bubble bar from your nearest Lush shop.

I've used a little chunk of mine already but break off a small piece.

Ta da! This is the perfect amount for one bath, yes really.

Crumble up your bubble bar into tiny pieces in the palm of your hand.

Either sprinkle the pieces into the running water from the tap or throw them in the bath and swirl around with your hands to create heaps of bubbles.

The bathwater turns a beautiful shade of pink and the scent of the Cassis Oil gives you this incredible smell of Blackcurrant really similar to Vimto. It is incredible, seriously Lush need to make the Comforter perfume again. I'd buy it all, no kidding.

Climb in and just breathe. My bath's are so hot that a Targaryen would sweat but personally that's how I like it. Relax your muscles and clear your mind.

If I could I would use everything fresh, organic and ethically made. I try to stick to brands such as Lush, Original Source, Burts Bee's, etcetcetc. Also making bath combinations of scents, smells and perfecting the art of bathing. Original source shower gels are awesome, i love the fact you actually get what is in the bottle! I went with a comforting sweet fruit scents with some lavender to relax.

Hair perfume AND conditioner? This stuff is actually incredible despite the unique name, it's beautiful to massage into the tips of your hair to really make the most of the scent.

Finishing my little pamper session with some Sweetie Pie shower jelly. You can't help but throw it around, quite literally.

Ta da! You are all done, now take a deep breath and relax. 
Tomorrow is a new day.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bucket List

So when you are working on a weekend (sigh) and you see images on Facebook of friends traveling around the world exploring this beautiful planet I usually feel a little like the photo below. Why? Because I'm a twenty something girl that's stuck in England. Sometimes I'd give anything to just jump on a plane and take a new adventure. The best thing to do is make a Bucket list. I don't want to become one of these women that's all work and no play and at the moment my life seems exactly that. I want to party, laugh, scream and cry. Explore every inch of this beautiful planet as I can and capture every moment. I've thought pretty deeply about this and every time it makes me feel so depressing knowing I still have my student overdraft weighing me down. This is the beginning of a new chapter, saving and clearing any outstanding money and working hard until finally the money adds up and my love & I can escape for a while and enjoy our youth. 

Have you traveled anywhere fun? If you have any recommendations, links or tips for me please comment below. I'd forever be in your debt!

The photo's below were taken from some of my friends from adventures across the globe.