Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Comforter

Dreaming of pure peace and tranquility? Fancy living with your head in the clouds and forgetting all of your worries? Here's a few steps into climbing down the rabbit hole and exploring the wonderland. In the Bath, of course. Personally, I recommend music such as Laura Marling or Bon Iver to make the experience extra special.

(Please excuse the lighting, my bathroom is quite dark!)

Buy "The Comforter" bubble bar from your nearest Lush shop.

I've used a little chunk of mine already but break off a small piece.

Ta da! This is the perfect amount for one bath, yes really.

Crumble up your bubble bar into tiny pieces in the palm of your hand.

Either sprinkle the pieces into the running water from the tap or throw them in the bath and swirl around with your hands to create heaps of bubbles.

The bathwater turns a beautiful shade of pink and the scent of the Cassis Oil gives you this incredible smell of Blackcurrant really similar to Vimto. It is incredible, seriously Lush need to make the Comforter perfume again. I'd buy it all, no kidding.

Climb in and just breathe. My bath's are so hot that a Targaryen would sweat but personally that's how I like it. Relax your muscles and clear your mind.

If I could I would use everything fresh, organic and ethically made. I try to stick to brands such as Lush, Original Source, Burts Bee's, etcetcetc. Also making bath combinations of scents, smells and perfecting the art of bathing. Original source shower gels are awesome, i love the fact you actually get what is in the bottle! I went with a comforting sweet fruit scents with some lavender to relax.

Hair perfume AND conditioner? This stuff is actually incredible despite the unique name, it's beautiful to massage into the tips of your hair to really make the most of the scent.

Finishing my little pamper session with some Sweetie Pie shower jelly. You can't help but throw it around, quite literally.

Ta da! You are all done, now take a deep breath and relax. 
Tomorrow is a new day.

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  1. The Comforter is my favourite Lush product! Really want to try that shower jelly!