Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bucket List

So when you are working on a weekend (sigh) and you see images on Facebook of friends traveling around the world exploring this beautiful planet I usually feel a little like the photo below. Why? Because I'm a twenty something girl that's stuck in England. Sometimes I'd give anything to just jump on a plane and take a new adventure. The best thing to do is make a Bucket list. I don't want to become one of these women that's all work and no play and at the moment my life seems exactly that. I want to party, laugh, scream and cry. Explore every inch of this beautiful planet as I can and capture every moment. I've thought pretty deeply about this and every time it makes me feel so depressing knowing I still have my student overdraft weighing me down. This is the beginning of a new chapter, saving and clearing any outstanding money and working hard until finally the money adds up and my love & I can escape for a while and enjoy our youth. 

Have you traveled anywhere fun? If you have any recommendations, links or tips for me please comment below. I'd forever be in your debt!

The photo's below were taken from some of my friends from adventures across the globe.

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