Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Marge Simpson for Mac Cosmetics

Details of the collection haven't actually been announced yet but will mark the show’s 25th anniversary. I have to say I am ridiculously excited about this! "The Simpsons" was a huge part of my childhood & i'm not going to lie, Nathan & I still watch the box sets in bed like big kids. I am anticipating plenty of primary colours and you automatically assume bright yellow foundation yet this might not be the case. I also imagine a vibrant blue eyeshadow but as it's Mac Cosmetics I can't pin it down at all. Even just the yellow Simpsons packaging would be incredible despite the colour scheme's you can guarantee the Ladies of my Generation will flock together and purchase every item. As long as the results are nothing like those of this real model, who was transformed into Marge Simpson by a team of photographers and stylists, it should be a hit. I just hope they actually make enough products for sale as the Malefecent range sold out instantly which was such a shame.

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