Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Celebrity Skin

When you listen to the radio and hear all of this digitally recorded obviously enhanced music repeatedly it really makes me miss listening to real women singing. Obviously you have the greats such as Debbie Harry, yet you forget whilst listening to Rihanna on repeat how over the top their music is. What happened to a badass attitude and a fender guitar? This months Polyvore is inspired by some of my personal idols and favourite artists. Girls screaming to guitar isn't everyone's cup of tea but for me the lights of Kathleen Hanna, Joan Jett & Courtney Love that's singing. Sometimes badly but do these women really give a fuck? No. They do whatever they want, fight the norm and show the world that girls do rock sometimes too. I'm going back to the 90's with this collection. Mary Jane shoes, Kinderwhore dresses and red lipstick. 

If you haven't had the pleasure of Bikini Kill before, enlighten your ears.

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