Saturday, 25 October 2014

What is life? I say this constantly but forget the meaning. What is the meaning of life the real purpose of your life on this planet?
Too deep? Well click the little x at the top of your screen. 
That feeling in your stomach of excitement and nerves of a new romance. A woman's hand feeling her stomach and something kicking back. Life choices, career goals, adventure, laughter and companionship. That's it right? Sometimes I don't know which path I'm running down. I get so out of breath thinking and overanalysing my future you forget to remember to live. Everyday routines make change harder and leaving your comfort zone is almost impossible. You work to live and live to work. Break the mould. Who else will?

Right now my ideal future is unrealistic, it has always been. 
At the age of twenty something all I want is the stuff you should want when you are forty. We all need to stop jumping ahead and remember to live. That's why from now to December I am going to write little goals, a virtual bucket list. Ambitions, achivements, dreams. 

# 1 :  building bridges I've broken. 

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