Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Taking steps is easy, Standing still is hard.

You know what freaks me out? When you log onto your Facebook to do the general nosy and refresh on your lunch hour and realise wow, half of my news feed is pregnant, married or engaged. I mean I think everyone develops and grows at their own pace people want to travel, own a home or maybe just have a child to complete their lives. Not many people achieve all these things at the same rate. Somehow it always makes me think "Oh my god, what am I doing with my life?" apart from paying off my student alcohol and partying debt. I think the worst thing ever is overthinking which is basically my brain just taking in way too much information and being a huge worrier.
I want a home, to have seen the world, have heaps of money and a good salary to buy my future kids absolutely everything because they will deserve it. There is no rush.

Anyway rant over. I'm going to spend my day acting like a moody teenager in pyjamas watching Viva La Bam and getting some idea's for my next big tattoo.

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