Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Where The Wild Things Are

5/7 days of the week I am always imagining how to spend my days off and really value having time to myself. Sometimes all you need is just a little escape. Through music, a place you feel safe or a walk to clear your mind. Today i did all of the above to shake things up a little. Awoke at my parents home laughed and giggled with my little sister all morning. She even let me do her makeup today which for Chloe is a big thing, even though the whole way though she pulled faces which resembled "The Scream" photo. After she packed her things and headed off to College i lay in the hot tub in a starfish shape with little jets massaging my back and watching the clouds go by. It was perfect exactly what I needed after this insane week. I had lunch with my mother and headed home but decided to take a different route. I headed over to a lake and field where we used to go when I was a teenager, walked through the woodland mud and finally got home and had to face tidying up. We actually get our broadband installed again in five days. I'm so excited! Remember to pamper yourself, relax and take some time for yourselves. You deserve it.

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