Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Sea Is Calling.

Do you ever go through your Facebook timeline and realise everyone is either drunk, pregnant or married? It's come to the point in my twenties in which that is all I see. I mean everyone is at different points in their own lives which is fair enough. For me, it makes me think that i'm not doing anything with my time. Which realistically is really dumb as i've built myself a great career, incredible relationship and building our future home. A few friends are currently travelling the world whenever I see a photo of Australia or Thailand basically anywhere with sunshine it gives me hope that there is a huge world outside of England. Some days when I get off the bus from work I look up at the sky and think about all of the other countries and people who look at the exact same stars and solar system just above our heads. So, with this weird midlife crisis I bought a gorgeous bright 80's looking EuroHike backpack from eBay for about ten pounds. They are usually around £70-£80 brand new and will be so useful for Download too. Even though it's bigger than me I can tell Nathan & I are going to have some really incredible adventures with this little beauty.

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