Saturday, 8 March 2014

Watts Up! & Hoola Review

My skin tone is literally A4 paper white, true English Rose with dark hair and very pale skin. Bronzers and heavy blusher has always scared me to death the fear of the Orange foundation and slut tan line. I mean let's be honest when I first started wearing makeup in my pre teens I had NO idea how to match my shade believed pale was really ugly because everyone else had a tan and didn't wear the right shade on my face at all just some cheap powder I found at a local pharmacy. Being pale is not a curse i've learned that it's really beautiful. I'm so happy being pale and trying au natural styles instead of over the top Nicki Minaj bullshit. Recently I tried some brand new products from Benefit Cosmetics and totally fell in love. Watts Up! is a really special highlighter with a golden glow apply generously above your cheekbones and under the eye area and blend with the super handy blending brush on the other end of the product. Then I actually use this one down the length of my nose to slim and on my head in outwards lines to slightly contour my face. Underneath the Watts Up! cheekbone line I pop a sweep of Hoola and blend that right towards my ears and mainly on the apples of your cheeks. I found this is such an amazing combination especially as the Hoola! doesn't contain any orange pigmentation. It's a natural gradual Bronze Goddess style really effortlessly.

I've never really cared or followed Kim Kardashian but here is some examples of her contouring, adding shadows and definition to her make up. Wanna try? Go for Watts Up! & Hoola for a really cheeky quick way to illuminate, brighten and contour.

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