Tuesday, 22 April 2014

"Read Instead"

As a child I was a Matilda Wormwood, always snuggled up on a chair with a book in my hands. From Harry Potter to The Babysitters club, searching through my grandmother's bookshelf to snuggle up with T.S.Elliot. Literature is a great way of loosing yourself finding a hide away from the world in the pages of a good book. At some point last year I realised my love for literature had been put on a shelf for a while i'd been so wrapped up in socialising, spending and working that i'd forgotten to sit and really enjoy some alone time with a new book. If you know me you know how much I adore the Game Of Thrones series I'd heard of the books but never actually sat down with one so I challenged myself to read instead. Seven days ago I completed the series, that's right. With every page, the unique character's point of view's within the chapters of the story had me gripped. I'd recommend any Game of Thrones fan to pick them up, get reading and explore the seven kingdoms.

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