Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Top Four.

"What inspired you to start blogging?"

I seem to get this question a lot. For me, scrolling through a visual record of life through photos is truly remarkable. It's like a photo album that will last forever, a timeless recollection of how you have spent your days. I came across a few blogs many years ago which have inspired me to start up Floral Dungarees. Their own unique style, realism of photography and journeys made me really begin to look at my own future planning and perfecting to make my days better.
Do something incredible today, inspire someone.

Below I have listed a few of my favourites around the world and a little explanation why.

One of the famous internet bloggers "Miss James" and her family share a piece of their little world. Whilst raising their four children they bake, shoot, shop and inspire the universe with their country western lifestyle and really give the world a glimpse of their American Dream. If you haven't seen their wedding video you can watch it on the link below. Imagine Johnny Cash meets modern day barn wedding. I have to say these two have set my wedding standards pretty high.

When I click through the Deer Circus blog it reminds me of a very New Romantic French story, in fact the blog is by a lovely lady called Bridget. Her eye for colour, breathtaking fashion sense and all around romance tales makes Deer Circus one of my top five blogs. An anthroplogie essence towards a modern thrift queen. Say hello, she's adorable.

Bri's blog is quirky, unique with a thrifty vision towards the modern world. Her photography is snapshots of everyday families, weddings and special moments. Her "Read More" series inspired me to pick up some old favourites and hide away from the world with a good book.

Whilst raising her little one's Mama Watters captures the essence of innocence, childhood and those key early years and how beautiful motherhood can be. I actually came across this lady on Instagram many moons ago. Since then it'd hard not to follow her. Imagine the perfect home, journey through motherhood and also photography that would fit in perfectly over at Kinfolk. What an inspirational woman, mother and blogger.

Note: The imagery used on this post do not belong to me and belong to the bloggers listed above.
Please take the time to visit these pages and really experience all of the hard work and exquisite photography that makes the internet such a beautiful place.

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  1. Hi thurr! I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award!