Saturday, 7 June 2014

June Skincare & Purchases.

I've been looking for a new moisturiser forever, working in the beauty industry you are introduced to every big "anti ageing" word that doesn't actually mean a lot. I mean, yeah science is good it can help research and dig deep into the skins layers but in all realism I hate the word "anti ageing" it's total bull. Ageing is a natural part of life why constantly feel that you are too old, too young just embrace your own beauty and feel happiness instead of constant self doubt from the media. I was on the hunt for a moisturiser which is amazing for combination skin, sensitive enough for my horrible ecemza cheeks yet doesn't feed my face with oil. I've tried all of the moisturisers from Lush Cosmetics and still didn't find a perfect match, "Total Moisture" from Benefit was too heavy alongside with "Dramatically Different" from Clinique. I also bought "Hydraquench Lotion" from Clarins which is really lovely, i like the fact its all plant based ingredients and it puts it up amongst the top for me. Yet I also found Benefit's "Triple Performing Emulsion" to be incredibly light, hydrating and not at all thick and sticky. I'd prefer to buy the Clarins moisturiser forever as I can see the difference but at a huge price point i think i'll stick to my benefit one until it runs out. But there you have it girls, half of most beauty hall moisturisers summed up in a paragraph. What's your favourite skincare products? Let me know ladies! 

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