Saturday, 16 August 2014

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

I'm forever blowing the pennies I have in my pocket on silly things that I really don't need. This month i've decided to go back to the "want, need, buy, read" philosophy of consumerism. The creativity aspect of my mind is totally lacking motivation at the moment so i'm trying to push myself to do more projects. Firstly, a little happiness project in photos of these fourteen days I have to try and get a little better. Secondly. painting my bedroom furniture, reupholstering chairs and creating a "family tree" wall in our living room. Thirdly, sew sew sew. Sometimes in life you have to take a few steps back to walk forward again, never forget who you are.

Want: A cute pile of sparkling new Liberty Floral Fabrics 
(as seen below.)
Need: Cath Kidston's "Circus" wallpaper for decorating.
Wear: Smock Dresses & a new Checkered Shirt.
ReadMiddlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

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