Sunday, 30 November 2014


The days are long whilst the nights fly by. Your mind is on fast forward memories rushing through your brain like a camera flash on high shutter speed. Pouring alcohol down your neck until your body rejects it, you thought you were free. An unstoppable force, you didn't belong because you didn't want to. The laughter, constant rainbow of lights flashing whilst all you can remember is flash backs of flesh, passion and power. Shutting the world out because who really deserves a glimpse of nirvana? It becomes months of sunshine, slowly turning into years of rain. Then comes the tornado, ripping apart everything you could ever dream to love, but you liked it. The smashing of glass, screams of pain, ripping apart cities and whoever stood in their path. The beauty that lies behind nature, perfection of destruction is to rebuild. Forget everything and start again. They found a cave made from Quartz, light bounced from wall to wall glistening from the reflection of the sun. No one belonged here, only us. The sea howled whilst boats came crashing upon the waves. searching for paradise. Many tried to enter our world smashing the surface with axes of all origin yet they cannot succeed. It was never about strength, lust, greed or passion. Inside was a complex magic of innocence, a connection that spun two souls into something money cannot buy. Freedom.

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