Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.

In early 2014 I left my job at Le Loup to follow another path, yet in many ways this quirky little shop took a little chunk of my heart. It wasn't only shop but a place of laughter, fun, creativity and innocence. The little feet that came through the door dragging their parents to look at "THE TRAIN SET" or teddy they've fallen in love with. When January flew around, we all know what was coming next. The big red stickers, tags and price cuts. I'm one of these people that actually sat down for a good thirty minutes on Christmas Day to purchase all the best bargains online saves fighting through masses of people over a scarf. I headed over to the Le Loup website and there is so many nice things in store. Disaster Designs are always guaranteed to make artsy, fun prints that you couldn't find on the high street if you tried. I just had to get the Note To Self purse and glasses case. Which I actually needed for once, go me.

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