Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hating the world.

I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I think my hormones are on top form making me literally hate almost everyone. So, i decided to put on some Vance Joy, dig around in my Abel & Cole stash and do some meal planning for this week. 

Firstly, We had a little trip to our local supermarket. I picked up some more Kilner Jars as all of mine have magically disappeared into the bermuda triangle that is my kitchen.
These are actually a god send. From Salad to Cereal you can literally put whatever you want in one of these jars, throw it into your handbag and THEY NEVER LEAK. 

The first juice is half an avocado, a quarter of a pineapple, an apple & half a lime.

Ta da!

Second is a "let's kick Monday morning's ass" juice. Half a grapefruit, two blood oranges, ginger, half a lemon and a carrot. Blended beautifully with fresh orange juice. If this won't give you a kick I don't know what will.

Whenever I decide to prep some fruit to snack on in the office I'll chop it up and make the most delicious fruit salad you could feast your eyes upon. The next day I open the container and oh, it's brown. Delightful, so I actually googled it and apparently you should put chopped fruit in water.
High five for captain dumbass.

Pre-freezing my avocados because yet again, brown avocado sucks.

After the juicing I just felt like I needed to keep going. Just before Christmas I ordered a "Recipe Box" from Abel & Cole, it was incredible. I prepared a Veggie Shepherds Pie from scratch and it was one of the nicest meals from 2014. I tried to recreate this using Celeriac mash and swapping the Lentils for mainly Root Vegetables. I used two portobello mushrooms, a hand full of flat leaf parsley, three carrots and a little squash. Seasoned with baby tomatoes, coarse sea salt and pepper.

Pre-oven Veggie goodness. I won't lie, it was incredible.

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  1. Those jars so cute to hold juice in!
    Love the sound of 'Let's kick Monday's ass' juice, I will definitely have to get myself one of those