Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Okay, so i'm starting the first post in the New Year about this impeccable creation. Sent from the gods, quite literally. In Beauty world, it's bitchy, "You don't suit this colour" is what you hear a lot of Counter Girls say, trust me. You know what? Be artistic, dare to be different. Do you think Lady Gaga would have really got anywhere looking like a plain Jane? No. Grab those Cola cans, make DIY curlers. Embrace the colour and be proud of going a little crazy.

Inspired by the master himself Bottcelli's classical painting mixed with a little 90's rebellion Lime Crime presents, Venus, The Grunge Palette.

Vibrant Courtney Love red's alongside some classic nudes changing the rules of eyeshadow.
Now, i'll be honest here. When I first saw these colours I wasn't like "Wow, I need it."
I questioned myself.
Will I look like i've been punched in the eye?
Is it a eyeshadow/lip combo? 
I take it all back.

Doe Deer the Lime Crime CEO can quite literally pull off anything, with vibrant colour hair & a passion for colour she'd by far a Queen of the Beauty industry. If you follow her instagram she did a few styles to help promote and instruct how to make Venus work & by damn, she did well. I've been thinking about this palette from the launch day. With a little smudging, practice and a hella blending without doubt Venus is one of the most eye popping, unexpected eyeshadow palette since Urban Decay made the Naked Palettes.

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