Monday 2 March 2015

Sew the day away.

I first walked into Owl and Sewing cat after hearing about this petit quirky fabric store off a friend. In all honesty, the only fabric stores i've ever visited are C&H Fabrics and Fabric Land in Brighton. When it comes to sewing, knitting and crafts the younger generation automatically think "grandma's". It's a stereotype and a really dumb one at that. Since my nursery folder cross stitch abomination to making granny squares, my skills have come a long way. Thanks to this shop. I walked in, very interested in textiles, design, fashion and most importantly colour. It'd been a few years since my textiles university course. I'd never really been "taught" to use a machine, it just happened.

You walk into this Victorian Style building, behind the famous Grand Hotel. Greeted by smiles, laughter and an atmosphere you'd get from friend's home. The fabrics are piled high to the ceiling, with incredible creations everywhere you look. Hundreds or even thousands of buttons in little jars and the wooden floors. It's a place you'd go in a dream.

I decided to sign up for a six week sewing course and every Tuesday I walked down to the "Owl & Sewing Cat" for Sewing Class. It was so educational, week by week I learnt new techniques and picked up old ones i'd forgotten. Their patience and knowledge shines through that everyone in all levels of crafts worked together to help each other. This didn't seem like a class. It was a little community within the crafts world.

Since then i've made a few things, but in all honesty i'm lazy, overworked and Netflix is too tempting.

Tracey (the owner) messaged me about my blog and requested that I'd show the world her genius idea..

"Sew a little secret"

A project where you have ALL of the items you'd need to make the secret project inside.
This pack includes:
  • The unique Owl & Sewing cat pattern!
  • Fabrics needed to create the masterpiece. Pre-cut for idiots like myself who can't use a rotary cutter. They know me too well.
  • Ribbon, Buttons and accessories you may need.
  • Pattern Stencils (super easy to cut out and keep!)

I was so lucky to receive this little beauty and it's been on my mind for a while now itching to create this fabulous kitsch wall hanger. This will be so perfect on my design wall to keep polaroids, recipes, hair bows and literally, anything else.
Forget Birchbox, forget Lootcrate.
This is going to be amazing.

Get yours today from

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