Wednesday, 15 April 2015

how to spot a fake.

Lately I signed up for the DePop app to sell a little of my makeup stash as in all honesty, I admit it's quite excessive. With all intentions to sell over buy I hadn't really looked much on the marketplace. I noticed someone selling her Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, after agreeing and buying it came through my mailbox. I was so excited, as a huge Urban Decay fan and already having Naked 3 I thought it'd be a lovely addition to the collection. 

  1. I opened the tin and noticed a really over chemical scent, worry one.
  2. The product had obviously been used (which isn't here nor there) but the brush was quite wobbly like it had just been glued together with cheap glue, worry two.
  3. As you do when buying eyeshadow is to swatch your favourites. I found the product barely held in any way and was very powdery rather than the usual baked glow from UD products, worry three.

Yesterday I was in France with work, on my lunch hour I nipped into the big shopping centre in Calais and did my usual wonder around sephora and stopped by their Urban Decay stand. There wasn't any staff around so I decided to swatch the same shades on my hand and took a photo of all the colours just to compare and reassure my brain that I hadn't bought something crappy. Comparing the colours side to side it was really obvious. "Foxy" was a neutral pink rather than yellow toned, "Half Baked" was more of a copper brown than the gorgeous gold shade in the real Naked 2. Most of the other colours I have to say were pretty identical, but still not the quality you'd expect.

I know there are Naked dupes on the highstreet, w7 palettes and others to give you the same effect. That's cool that companies offer similar shades for a fraction of the price that everyone can afford. The not cool thing is making branded products with no sign of a "dupe" or that it isn't from that company. Who knows what ingredients are in this? I'm not even talking about animal testing and the other horrors of the cosmetics industry right now, I'm talking about cheap and nasty low of the low chemicals used to make "products" for pennies. I was really excited by this but just feel so let down, it's probably going in the bin. I've always visited counters, shops and the real deal regardless of price because I know its the best. This has been my second fake and believe it or not that one was UD too. A silly eBay find which was removed hours after i'd purchased, then refunded anyway. I had a good dig around and found the fake foundation still in the envelope. The liquid smells like fairy liquid, falls of your skin and generally burns.

Don't buy shit guys!
I know I will never ever buy anything makeup anywhere again.

Here are some of the examples of how you can visibly spot a fake, I hope it helps!

The "Urban Decay" writing being right way up, as my legit naked 3 is upside down.

Can you see the quality of the brush ends compared to a real Urban Decay palette?

1/3 of this photo is a real product, it's actually insane how well they have duplicated Urban's products. Putting whatever ingredients they choose. 

Above is the "baked" consistency I spoke about above. They barely break apart and last forever giving a soft texture unlike below which was flaky at best with hardly any pigmentation.

Thanks for reading, if you have any make up "fakes" stories,
experiences or comments please let me know below.

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