Sunday, 24 May 2015

Mad Men Finale

Around December late last year I was itching for a new show to be hooked on. After season after season of watching Sons of Anarchy with Nathan nothing compared to Jax Teller's badass biker gang. I'd start something on Netflix then close it after ten minutes. I'd heard of Mad Men and began to see what all the fuss was about. Shows set in a certain era are always fascinating, for me it's the attention to detail. Let me say "Mad Men" really didn't disappoint. If you haven't watched it before i'm not going to spoil the whole thing, but I will however give a little run down of what it all about.
You have Don Draper, the big city businessman bringing home the bacon to his wife and kids. The Glory Wife Betty Draper, ex model and general pain in the ass. The big boss Rodger Sterling, who had a silver spoon since birth but does everything his own way. Joan the gorgeous redhead who really runs things at Sterling Cooper. Peggy, the new girl who doesn't exactly fit in but has a ton of sass and ambition. Throughout the whole show you are seeing hints of how Don Draper isn't really "Don Draper" with a secret military past there is mystery to Jon Hamm's performance. 

Seven seasons later and I have to say, the best bit for me was the movement of the times. From Harry backstage at the Rolling Stone's concert, different race workers, the fifties housewives to the sixties actress. The seventies style and porn star moustaches. Shoutout to the team behind Mad Men as it impeccable. 

All good things come to an end, but I'm especially sad this one did.

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