Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Kinfolk: Volume Eleven

"We shape our Dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us"
-Winston Churchill

"The Spring 2014 edition of Kinfolk explores the meaning of home, what it looks like, how different people arrange them and the qualities that the best ones share. Whether you live with your best friend, partner, strangers or a lazy hound, your concept of home will change with every coat of paint. It’s what (and who) you fill it with that counts. This special 176-page issue features a 46-page Home Tours section with lots of images from around the world." -

Every page of issue eleven felt like someone had accessed the part of my brain in which I have been obsessing over for just under a year. Building a home may seem to some people like throwing a few pieces of furniture together. Yet artistic folk believe something different. To me, a home is a safe place, the beginning of new memories and in a way a representation of yourself and everything you love. If you walk into my home today it might hit the high standards which I state here & in my head for the "perfect future home" yet it is still a home, our home. This year I am focusing my energy on building my dream home piece by piece we have the foundations, the walls, the land but inside it's under construction. One day this house will be better than a pinterest board, every room with an individual style, cosy environment and fingers crossed one day it'll be the place my future generations of children call home. For that it'll take some time, a hella ton of money and most importantly lots of love. So if you have read issue eleven you will understand. If you haven't i'd recommend you go and pick up a copy. 

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