Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Clicking through friends links on Facebook I've noticed a few of my nearest and dearest have began creating looks on Polyvore. I've always been thought "another day maybe" that day has come! I've finally created an account. Beware, there isn't much content on my page at the moment as I am super busy designing my new blog layout (uh huh!) working on collaborations with some of my all tine favourite shops and generally being under the weather with my kidney infection. Here are a few "Beckie" collections so far.


A. This sneak peak into a quarter of the items currently in my make up bag. I say "bag" yet Nathan told me off yesterday because I have three. Skincare, make up and daily make-up. It's a hard life..

B. Daily style. I've always been a dungarees and metal tshirt kinda gal, stealing one of Nathan's tshirts which look oversized on me. Hair up in a messy bun, a little make up, vans or dr martens on my feet and you are ready to take on the world.

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