Saturday, 10 May 2014

Childhood Nostalgia

A Creative Extraordinaire "

I came across this little treasure around year ago and ever since i've been the biggest fan of her work. Jennie Maizels' delightful pieces really represents the innocence and pure happiness of childhood. For me, it reminds me of sitting at the table for hours on end surrounded by crayola pencils drawing to my hearts content, which i still do to this day. Recently Jennie released a new range to add to her "Iron On Patches" which are a typography style A-Z alphabet. With the graphic design typography style and unique fonts they are a must have for children (and big kids too). The one of a kind style give your children a freedom to decorate, brighten and customise most belongings transforming everyday objects into pieces of art. I decided to have a little fun with the alphabet range by customising my dungarees. A beautifully wrapped package arrived through my postbox wrapped inside a pick and mix bag wrapped carefully in twine every single order jennie puts a piece of her imagination adding her own stamp on every aspect. I adore the results, it's even better than how i'd imagined. I can guarantee i'll be buying heaps! If you haven't already head over to and treat yourself to some Iron On Patches, Beautifully unique pop up books or something else special. Go on, you know you want to.

Here is a piece from my interview with Jennie about what inspires her work:

"Colour too has hugely influenced my work. I have always been obsessed with the presence of bright and vibrant colours, both in my surroundings and my illustrations. With regards to my iron on patches, this idea came about when my now teenagers were little girls. They would get small holes in their pretty clothes and I wanted an attractive small patch that I could just pop on top. Nothing like that existed, so I decided to invent my own. Again, for me it is all about the colours, the packaging and the quality. It took us years to find a manufacturer whose embroidery techniques were of high enough standard, and many months to finalise the illustrated packaging. We are thrilled with the end result and so happy they are such a success. Our new Alphabet Patches are our current bestsellers. I have always been fascinated by typography (I have a large collection of old shop letters) and wanted to make the Alphabet eclectic, with a variety of fonts and of course, bright and exciting colour combinations. I am currently working on two new Pop up books and new ranges of iron on patches, so watch this space!"

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