Thursday, 8 May 2014

Generally quiet.

I do this sometimes, just loose slip of reality and live alongside all of these constant thoughts spinning around my mind. Shutting off contact with the world and just hiding away. I don't know why, yet sometimes I feel you just need to stop and think about everything that is happening within your universe. Analyse and adapt moving forward over feeling like your constantly stuck in one place, never moving forward. The best way I can describe this frame of mind is through one of my favourite pieces of literature by Ned Vizzini. If you have read it you'll understand the "Anchors and Tentacles". Last night I took a little escape to my parents house it brings back so much nostalgia, of the person who I was and person I have become. In reality there are so many positives when I look back i feel like a totally different person to the girl who once lived in this house. Instead of always thinking back of that confident, care free, thinner girl I can now take it on the chin, accept some positive change and stop being so miserable all the time.

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