Thursday, 19 June 2014


One word, clutter. That's my life at the moment living with a cluttered home, cluttered none existent wardrobe/temporary rail, cluttered handbag, cluttered mind. I mean, things take time right? Since I left Le Loup there really hasn't been enough time in the day to be productive. I've been dreaming of "the perfect home" for a long time now and kind of felt since moving that we'd get there but things take longer than imagined. But hey, that's okay. Today begins the "de cluttering" of my life. As a total hoarder this is little bugger but it can be done. Inspiration boards are up and all teams are go! 

1. Tackle the boxes of clothes, old dresses and shoes under the bed and in the garage.
Donate, sell, throw.

2. The Bookcase, give away old books, things i'll never read again or look twice at.


4. The art supplies, we left you til last as you are the worst, messiest, most productive thing around. It's hard to throw out spare colours, paints and canvas. Especially as I always insist "i will use that one day".

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