Thursday, 8 January 2015

dream songs.

find a mini van, search every corner of your home for comfy things. 
grab a stapler, sharpie and some battery powered fairy lights.
staple every corner until it looks like you've walked into a moroccan bedroom, textiles hanging from the roof made into the biggest blanket fort you have ever seen. the lights sparkle like stars in the night sky.
drive. anywhere. along the coast until you find the perfect beach with caves and pretty sea shells.
fall asleep below the stars, skin on skin because you are young, careless and stupid.
travel, meet new faces, indulge in new foods from new places.
find out what real warmth is when you've been running into the ocean in the middle of the darkest night, the sea glistens whilst shooting chills down your spine, you know you shouldn't but sometimes the sharp freeze hits. you need this to feel alive.
after you walk out of the sea, any piece of clothing you still have on is wet through frosting over upon your skin.
you don't care.
awoken in the morning by the sunshine seeping through the gaps of silk and luna textiles.
the brightness stings your eyes.
but he makes it better.

& you just drive.
forget what you've been told. be young.

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