Wednesday, 25 February 2015


I feel like this winter all i've actually done is snuggle up and watch Don Draper shout at people. Hibernating is honestly, admittedly quite a normal thing for me. The grey bleak clouds appear, raindrops gliding along the glass of your windows and the dark tones of grey lurk for months. I turn into some kind of squirrel and hide away from the world. This winter has actually been quite productive in all honesty, first off.. I taught myself to crochet.

Crochet is always associated with old ladies. You know what? I love it.
Call me old fashioned, boring or whatever but my passion for textiles will never die. With Cath Kidston bringing some classics back i've been inspired to create a handmade crochet blanket in spring pastels. What do you think so far?

Also, the postman delivered a really special package this week. The incredible ladies at "Owl and Sewing Cat" sent me one of their brand new products. The "Sew a little secret" project. Life's actually been super hectic recently, I'm really looking forward to having an afternoon off and getting stuck in.

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