Thursday, 12 February 2015

When you play The Game of Thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground. - Cersei Lannister

I saw the advert for the Game of Thrones expo whilst on the train to London the night before we saw Slipknot. Immediately jumped from my seat to show one of my follow Game of Thrones super nerds, Ewan. We immediately agreed to try and get several tickets and a few of us travel up together. The day the tickets were released id had a totally hectic day at work followed by dinner at my parents. Instantly remembering extremely late, as usual. I luckily managed to get two tickets for the Game of Thrones expo on the 12th February. Excited, I booked the day off work and Nathan & I headed up on a road trip to London. The only slot we managed to get was 09:30am which meant leaving home at 06:30am to make sure we were super early as London is hectic. 

It was amazing.

The detail, textures and incredible textiles from the Costume department was breathtaking. Season five's costumes are on another level. Dornish yellow finally being introduced whilst the classic black from the Wall stood strong. Nathan was over the moon with the Occulus Rift, "a gamers wet dream" as he described it. Basically, you stepped into a cage style lift with headphones and the 4D glasses which felt similar to a snorkel with a screen. The cold air hits your face and bam, you are being taken upon the wall. It scares the hell out of me feeling on the edge of a building, cliff, you get the idea. Heights aren't so bad it's the fear of becoming Bran Stark. I held on for dear life whilst being taken to this incredible viewpoint, suddenly fire is being launched at you. You feel like you should move, trying to tell your brain actually I'm in the 02 arena, but your senses tell you different, a virtual reality. You walk to the end of the Wall, right to the edge. By this point I'm pretty sure I was saying, oh my god too much, to my embarrassment. Without ruining the whole experience this is where we change the subject. They had some really fun green screen activities and also the famous Iron Throne. 

If you haven't managed to get tickets in time, I hope you enjoy the photography. If you have, enjoy.

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